The Brides Project

Today I donated my sister's wedding dress to The Brides Project Ann Arbor, and I'm so proud that our family can be a part of this excellent cause and organization.  The Brides Project accepts donated wedding dresses and sells them, with all proceeds going to supporting those with cancer.  It's so worthwhile, it overcomes the initial hesitation to donate that dress in your closet that not's really doing anything, but you can't quite part with it.   Great for the environment that this dress gets more than one spin on the dance floor, and another bride is going to get a great deal.  What's not to love?  Thank you, The Brides Project! wedding dress donated to the brides project

Cottonwood Barn Partner Vendor

I am so excited to be named a partner vendor for Cottonwood Barn in Dexter, Michigan, just a few minutes from Ann Arbor.  This is really a special place, thoughtfully designed and renovated to be a wedding venue full of character, and it's also practical and modern and all the right ways - a beautiful bridal suite, gorgeous copper bar, and practical things like a beautiful updated bathrooms and a large coatroom.  Wedding guests will feel right at home, and there are lots of options for indoor and outdoor ceremony, reception, and cocktail spaces.   The decor has the right mix of rustic and elegant - the chandelier is amazing!!  

I loved doing this photoshoot with Luna Soiree, Melanie Reyes Photography and Danya Mae Photography at Cottonwood this autumn, and I can't wait to return for some weddings this year!


cottonwood barn

Orange tulip inspiration!

It's very busy with proposal writing around here!  And these bright cheery tulips are helping me think spring eventhough it's still pretty grey outside.  Only a few more months and  bright tulips will be popping up for real!  We planted 50 tulip bulbs at our house this past autumn, so can't wait to see them popping up all over!  

bright orange tulips

Vacation inspiration

I'm just back from summer vacation, and it's so nice to unplug a bit and get inspired by nature.  I don't want to go on too much here with my holiday snaps, but just wanted to share the wildflower inspiration!  Ahh... feeling rejuvenated and the creative juices are flowing! purple wildflowers in iceland

We were very lucky with sunny July weather in Iceland, and beautiful views of wildflowers in all directions - these in from of Selfoss waterfall. purple wildflowers in iceland

And more wildflowers right in Reykjavik - beautiful natural paths.


hidcote manor garden july

And then on to the UK where we visited Hidcote Manor Gardens - this visit convinced me to plant some astrantia at home!

Hmmm... how does that design process work?

  A bride recently approached me and asked about what its like working with me, my price range, and my design process.  I thought it was such a great question, and it really made me think, and I thought I'd share this here for any of my potential clients... and I'm sure my answer here isn't great - I'll think of so many things later that I ought to say! 


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and thank you for getting in touch - it's nice to meet you!


I'm very pleased to tell you more about what it's like working with me, and I'd be happy to meet in person and discuss your wedding more specifically. But first let me see if I can give you and overview and you can decide if I might be a good fit for you!


I don't have a minimum order, and pricing varies a lot -- I have weddings booked for this summer for $600 and $6,000 and all in between.  I know that pricing flowers seem pretty confusing and it's hard to tell what you're getting at different price levels.  I like to find out what your budget is, or a budget range, find out what you want and what excites you in the flower department, and then I write up a proposal allocating your budget the way that I think best captures your preferences and the overall tone for the event.   It's what I would do if I were you.  I think it's pretty important to stay within your budget -- I know flowers are only one of many things you have to think about! -- and I'll try to be very clear what you'll be getting.  I think it's important for me to listen and really understand how I can add to your day with the floral arrangements.


In terms of pricing more generally, it depends on the numbers of people and the types of flowers, but bride's bouquets usually start at around $175 and up (bridesmaids are usually 1/3 to 1/2 the bride's bouquet), and centerpieces start at $50 for a small centerpiece, and start at $100 for more full-sized centerpieces.


My proposals are pretty detailed with each item priced and described, and I include images of the flowers named in the proposal so you can visualize what's there.


I work from my home and I take only one or two weddings per weekend, so I can be thoughtful with each design and have time to pay attention to each detail.


I hope that's a good start - can I share anything else that would be helpful?



Centerpiece at home

This was such a great Floral Design 101 class with Bloom Florist Collective!   I demonstrated using this footed compote dish, and each participant brought their own vase from home and we discussed different approaches to filling it.  View the rest of the class' beautiful creations here.  I loved this collection of protea, banksia, leucadendron, eryngium, tulips, and mimosa - I'm so glad I walked this centerpiece home in the snow that evening after class - I've been enjoying it on my dining table so much!  Come on spring!  

centerpiece from bloom florist collective floral design class ann arbor michigan

Michigan Floral Association conference

I had a great time at the Michigan Floral Association conference at the Amway Grand  in Grand Rapids!  I got to assist Gerych's with their beautiful set up for the banquet - elegant yellow and black, and look at this neat acrylic table with an overhead piece filled with water and floating candles and dangling glass bubbles with yellow calla lilies and tulips!  

michigan floral association yellow centerpieces michigan floral association centerpieces yellow black

Flower design contest

This was a first for me - I entered a floral design contest held by Mayesh - my main wholesale flower provider.  It's a little intimidating - designing for other florists - but also really neat to see how everyone takes the same box of flowers and does something very different with them!  This year's theme was 'everyday' floral design, so I wanted to use a container from around my house.  I grabbed the purple footed glass candy dish (from ikea) right off my dining table and - voila!  It was neat to use different materials than I usually choose - I really liked how the antique hydrangeas and the kale created a nice casual spin on the compote-style dish.  As I write this, you can view the winners from each Mayesh region and vote on the national winner here. red poppy floral design mayesh floral design contest entry


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!  It's been a great busy time of holiday and wedding arrangements, and I whipped up these eclectic arrangements with the left-over flowers.  Off to find a nursing home where I hope these will make someone's day!   What a pleasure this is - thank you all for your support this year, and all the best to you and your families this holiday season! Eclectic holiday flowers