about that arch

I'm working with several couples on arch/chuppah designs for wedding season this year (this makes me so happy!).  I love getting to do a feature floral piece for the ceremony, and I just feel it gives the couple a chance to add the feel that they want to their space.  The ceremony floral can really warm up a space to give just the right touch of softness to a very clean lines space.  It can help define and make more cozy a larger space, bringing the emphasis right to where the couple will be standing.  And it can add color and lush foliages adding a natural touch to an indoor space.  There is so much that we can do with an arch design to make a space feel unique and fresh.  

I have a wood arch available for rent, and wanted to share a little more about it and some photos of it at Mark and Sarah's Michigan League Ballroom wedding here.


What I love about this arch - it's gorgeous - beautifully finished dark brown wood, with simple clean lines.  It's a little taller than most arches - this one is about 7 feet tall, and most are more like 6 feet tall - accommodates a taller couple nicely!  This one is really sturdy and a great size to accommodate a range of floral design - from a small foliage accent to a large, gorgeous floral design piece.


The sturdiness part is really important in order to plan a design like the one in Mark and Sarah's photos's here.  When we create a design like this, it's really quite heavy.  We start by soaking caged floral foam forms that will provide the anchoring for the design and a water source.  It's a lot of water - it's heavy, before we even add the flowers and foliages!  So although I have designed on lots of different arches and chuppahs, it's always comforting and easier for me to work with an arch that I am familiar with.  Some venues, like Misty Farm, have wonderful sturdy arches onsite and I know we can easily design on them.  Other times, the arch onsite is not strong enough to support the design that we have planned so we have to scale the design back when we arrive to ensure safety for all involved.  That's part of why I wanted to have my own arch available for rent, so that we can plan with certainty about the design for the arch.


I hope you love this arch as much as we do, and we can look forward to creating something special for your ceremony space!


winter ceremony arch flower design


ceremony under floral arch at michigan league


winter wedding ceremony